Training Sessions

Basic Locating Seminar

Cable locating is not an exact science… yet. To do a good job, you must know your equipment, and use your intuition and good judgment. Certain techniques can alert you to potential problems and make the difference between a good locate and a bad one.

Cable Master Inc. provides training seminars on how to locate underground facilities. Included will be instructions on how to get the best performance out of your present equipment or our latest 3M models.

During Cable Masters Locating Training Seminars we discuss the basics of locating buried cable or pipe by using a Transmitter to apply a signal to the conductor, and tracing the conductor’s path using a Receiver.

Fault Locating Seminar

Establishing a standardized cable fault locating procedure, incorporating available technology and properly training fault locating personnel can produce substantial savings in cable replacement and manpower budgets as well as reduce customer outage time.

The objective of the Cable Master Inc.  fault locating seminar is to train utility personnel, fault locators and testers in state-of-the-art cable fault locating and cable testing while keeping additional damage to the good cable system to a minimum. At the conclusion of this seminar, the trainees will:

  • Be able to locate faults with minimum risk to good cable
  • Be familiar with state-of-the-art cable fault locating and cable testing techniques and equipment
  • Be able to select the right tool to do the job right


Here is what some of our clients have said about our Training Sessions:

"The effort you put into your presentation is clearly demonstrated by the very positive comments we have received...the workshop was a great success thanks to the excellent team effort put forward by all. Planning has started for another workshop....I hope we can count on your expertise again to make the workshop as successful."

- Ottawa Hdyro

"Get these guys for any future courses....the "Cable Masters" are extremely knowledgeable and experienced....They don't try to sell products during the training couse."

- Cornwall Electric Company

"In depth and hands on.... a good refresher for fault locating"

- Belleville P.U.C.