About Us

Cable Master Inc. is a leader in the Locating and Fault Finding Industry, established in 1993 our customer base continues to grow through our dedication to service and attention to detail. Our technicians have over 60 years of hands-on experience in the business of underground locating and fault detection. Our resident 'Cable Masters' are fully qualified in cable or pipe locating and fault finding, and are trained and equipped with accurate and dependable Canadian Manufactured GPR technology, 3M Dynatel locators and state of the art Fault finding equipment.

Whether it be for Excavation or Site Planning, we have experience in locating a variety of underground facilities, both indoor, outdoor, under concrete floors, and even under water! Pipes, cables, wires, empty ducts, metal valve boxes, septic systems, fuel tanks, conduits and submarine cables, along with major underground facilities such as, hydro cables, telephone, secondary gas, TV, water, sewer (storm and sanitary) and communication cables are all part of our "Cable Masters" locating domain.

One of our greatest areas of expertise is in the field of Fault Finding, our fault technicians have combined 45 years of experience working in the private field and for one of Canada’s largest public electrical utilities. By using exacting equipment we can pinpoint the fault in high and low voltage cables, communication cables and even locate broken tracer wires.