Magnawand Products


ID2100 Magnetic Locator + Identifier

"Thrilled customers told us the Magnawand TID Feature saved them Money and Time digging unnecessary holes; they won't go back to using a Basic Magnetic Locator again."

The Model ID2100 offers you 2 Settings:

Setting 1: Functions like a basic magnetic locator.

Setting 2: Incorporates the Patented TID System.

Complete Details


Magnawand knows how rough it can get out in the field so we designed it just for your needs. 

The yellow tube is made of strong ABS not Plastic.The Unique End design also protects the switches, and the user will still be able to operate the gaincontrol knob if wearing thick gloves.

  Unbeatable Performance along fence lines.

Professional Surveyors and Utility Personals are amazed when using the Target Identification System for locating survey markers or valves along fence lines, especially when an old fence is flat or hidden. TID is truly a great time saving feature.


While using the TID, the utility personal was able to locate this curb box easily without digging unnecessary holes.

The home owner was happy the flowers were not disturbed. 


Road Departments find the ID2100 a Valuable Tool for outlining and locating the ends of culverts.

Culverts send out True and False Ferrous Signals.The Patented TID System will identify the true signal of the culvert within inches of center, along  its entire length.


The ID2100 performance is not affected by water and can be submerged up to the handle grip 30".