Locating Underground Services & Site Planning

Underground Service Locating is not an exact science… yet!!!  To do a good job, you must know your equipment, and use intuition, good judgment, and experience. Certain techniques can alert you to potential problems and make the difference between a good locate and an inaccurate one. 

Using state of the art detection equipment and years of intuition, our 'Cable Masters' can locate a vast array of facilities underground, both outdoor and indoor, to a depth of approximately 15 feet, we even have experience in locating submarine cables. Dead wires are as easy to locate as live ones using the advanced 3M Dynatel Electro Magnetic Locating devices, and Ground Penetrating Radar technology

We specialize in the detection of underground facilities including: telephone, power cables, secondary gas, television, water, sewer (storm and sanitary) and communication cables. However, our services do not end there. We can also locate pipes, empty ducts, metal valve boxes, fuel tanks, conduits, septic beds and other buried objects whether under grass in the ground or under concrete/asphalt  either inside or outside.

Our versatility makes us an absolute asset for anyone about to do construction, property renovation, landscaping, or excavation for any reason. For Site Planning Purposes we can provide an “educated look” at what’s underground, under hard surface’s or even in walls and ceilings. 

Protect yourself, and your business, by having a professional locate done by one of our "Cable Masters".

Electro Magnetic Locating

Ground Penetrating Radar

Fault Locating

Cable Testing