Fault Locating

Minimizing downtime due to cable faults dictates prompt repair of defects in power, control, and communications cables. First, however, defects must be located. When conductors are hidden within conduit, below cement floors or in walls as well as buried underground, this task becomes all the more difficult; as a result fault location requires specialized equipment and training. 

One of Cable Master Inc.'s greatest areas of expertise is in the art of Fault Location. Using the advanced 3M Dynatel Model 2273 Fault Finder, coupled with state-of-the-art Megger TDR's, Thumper & Digiphone Receiver we are able to pin-point the fault in high and low voltage cables, including submarine cables, communication cables and broken tracer wires.

Our precision fault locates allow for only minor site disruption when repairs are necessary, as opposed to the hit and miss method often used. Not only is our fault locating method quicker and less obtrusive, but also it is normally less costly when all things are considered.

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